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Immordc.net - a real estate website

This project is probably the best, the most challenging, the most interesting and usefull I've been working on so far. Its owner, Alpha Memidra, one consolese (DRC) guy, a constructor engineering, lecturer and entrepreneur (referred to this post as alpha). Three things make of this project what it is.

Immordc.net website's snapshot

The First thing is the fact that this project is a response to a real need. You will not believe me if I tell you stories that people live every day in DRC while looking for a new house. Beside the government's uselessness, just noticed that It's sad to see and traumatic what a normal congolese guy (females included) has to go through while looking for a place to stay with his family.

Secondly, this project is conceived as an innovative platform. Alpha didn't want me to build the website on top of any of the freely available well customized CMS. I've always wondered why? Now that the website runs on its own platform, it's easier to open it and turn it into an extensible programmable software. As an entrepreneur, he probably had its own idea of not using any CMS. As a programmer, I took the challenge eyes blinded without knowing where we're going. But now, we end up in a place where this website is now opening its door for other programmers to use its resources and make money. Now programming the version 4, that's my main goal.

The third thing is the firmness. A hell of a lot of congolese (web) start-up projects has started and ended within a relatively small amount of time. Many reasons can explain that, I'll let you find them. But the main one is the lack of firmness. People start projects, and give up as soon as they face the first obstacle, they drop out, and jump to the next project. That has never been the case with immordc. Alpha is an infamous micro-manager. He micro-manages every single pixel of immordc real estate website. He is those kind of guy who will pay his ass out to see what he wants in the website. He still cannot remember how much the website has cost him so far (may his wife does), but he can't stop spend every single cents from his pocket until the website is what he wants it to be. And he keeps an eye on the web, knows all the best practices in the web. That fact always challenges me to give the best of myself for this project.

As stated, this real estate website does not run on top of any CMS. I had to write a full, tailor made, easy-to-use and safe CMS for it. I first started with a simple native unorganized php application which turned out to be hard to maintain, which is a HUGE mistake, cause alpha can ask you something today and change its mind tomorrow, providing you each time some good and truly convincing reasons (most of time with web references) that explain the change. So, I rewrote the whole CMS in the actual version 3, and used a kinda personalized MVC PHP programming pattern to design the app, separating essentially the model, views and controllers, of course using an object oriented approach. It was fun.

You can get a look at the website by going to www.immordc.net. So far, as usual, I'm overcoming the challenge. The website language is French. Congolese official language..


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