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FBTCC.CO.ZA - An import-export website ?

It's not a mistake, the question mark (?) at the end of the title. When I started this project, It as for fun. Helping a relative to promote his business on-line. A simple presentation website, where the main challenge was to provide addresses (not even using Google map) to all FBT's offices around the world, so customers won't struggle looking for them. What was done successfully.


My nightmare started when the company's owner called me and asked me to build up an online tracking system. That's actually where the project got interesting. The business is simple here, people send stuffs (foods, cloths, whatever) from a place to an other, basically from a fbt office where the sender lives to the fbt office there the receiver lives.

The basic idea remains simple though. An embedded system within the website where all tracks are kept from all FBT offices, so customers can go online and find out where exactly its package is, and what are the remaining steps before it reaches the receiver.

The main challenge here was not to build the system, but make it work and usable in the company. The process was not normalized in every offices, some company's staff was not able to use a computer etc.. so it took a lot of training to the staff. So, I had to make an really-easy-to-use system, and those guys are enjoying it right now.

You can visit the website by going to www.fbtcc.co.za.


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Je suis techniquement fort, expérimenté, pratique et curieux. Je travaille depuis plus de 15 ans dans le domaine de technologies de l'information. Je suis passionné de technologie et de ses applications. J'ai des connaissances et des compétences étendues et approfondies dans les domaines de la cloud computing, des outils, de l'automatisation et de la business intelligence.