Fabrice E Iyolo

Turn coke into code


Immordc.net - a real estate website

This project is probably the best, the most challenging, the most interesting and usefull I've been working on so far. Its owner, Alpha Memidra, one consolese (DRC) guy, a constructor engineering, lecturer and entrepreneur (referred to this post as alpha). Three things make of this project what it is.

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FBTCC.CO.ZA - An import-export website ?

It's not a mistake, the question mark (?) at the end of the title. When I started this project, It as for fun. Helping a relative to promote his business on-line. A simple presentation website, where the main challenge was to provide addresses (not even using Google map) to all FBT's offices around the world, so customers won't struggle looking for them. What was done successfully.

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GAFRIMEX.COM - How many languages do you speak?

This is a normal website, presenting a company, its activities, and all other details that are useful to the public knowledge. The main challenge here was that the website must be in three (3) different languages. So, the same contents are manually published in English, French and Portuguese. What was easy to implement with the use of Joomla's component Joomfish.

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Kin express Production is a gospel music production company. I designed their website. The main challenge here was the presentation of the content. This website promotes new albums and artists that the company produces, so a good presentation is required in order to motivate visitors to purchase products. An on-line payment system will be implemented soon.

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A propos

Je suis techniquement fort, expérimenté, pratique et curieux. Je travaille depuis plus de 15 ans dans le domaine de technologies de l'information. Je suis passionné de technologie et de ses applications. J'ai des connaissances et des compétences étendues et approfondies dans les domaines de la cloud computing, des outils, de l'automatisation et de la business intelligence.