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Chat application protocol with coffeescript

This application uses node.js to implements a client and server sockets in order to pass messages to each other.
Basically, the server is listenning to a given port and each client request for a connection. Once the connection granted, the client is asked to provide a username which will be used during the chat. The username is checked according normal rules.

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SimpleCalc :: a web calculator

Simple Calc is a simple web application that is based on pure and simple Html, css and Javascript. It basically receives a certain number of basic arithmetic operation to perform in a form of command line. The user have a textarea where he/she can enter one operation per line containing a line number, hash, operator followed by a colon followed by a comma-separated list of numbers. For each line, Simple calc perform the operation on the numbers and print the results. Only four operations are allowed so far : 'SUM', 'MIN', 'MAX' and 'AVERAGE'.

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About this website

I just decided to start publishing most of stuffs that I did or that I will do. Two mean reasons : First of all, my laptop's disk is FULL (For real). Secondly, I truly think that they might be useful to someone else around the world. So, please, if you find anything useful here, by all means use it in your own projects. Not attribution necessary. Open Source Licence for all projects and codes published here.

Fabrice Iyolo

A propos

Je suis techniquement fort, expérimenté, pratique et curieux. Je travaille depuis plus de 15 ans dans le domaine de technologies de l'information. Je suis passionné de technologie et de ses applications. J'ai des connaissances et des compétences étendues et approfondies dans les domaines de la cloud computing, des outils, de l'automatisation et de la business intelligence.